Feel Safe Women's Abuse Awareness and Prevention Seminar

Local Feel Safe 


Join us and discover your hidden inner strength in just one hour


Discover your inner strength¬†and self¬†confidence¬†in just one hour¬†so you can truly¬†Feel Safe‚ĄĘ¬†

Join us for an exclusive, women-only seminar designed to empower you with social awareness and instinctive self-defense skills

Hosted by local women with skills learned from a certified and renowned Israel Defense Forces Military Krav Maga Master Instructor


Meet Your Instructors: 

Our founder, with his extensive experience, brings a lifetime of knowledge to this seminar

Certified as¬†one of the few¬†to teach this discipline to civilians, he has been the ‚Äúinstructors instructor‚ÄĚ for decades,¬†he has personally certified every instructor leading this course, although he prefers to operate in the background, solely focused on instructing future instructors¬†

He dedicates his life to¬†empowering women, equipping them with the skills to¬†Feel Safe‚ĄĘ¬†and confident in any situation

Event Details

Date and Time: 

Tuesday - January 9th, 2024
Monday - January 15th, 2024
Tuesday - January 23rd, 2024
Tuesday - January 30th, 2024

6:30 PM ‚Äď 7:30 PM

  • Doors open at 6:00PM, close at 6:30 PM
  • No Exceptions


Point Loma, California

(Address provided on registration)


Safety Measures: 

Each seminar held in a secure venue with free and safe onsite parking

A Privacy-First Approach: 

  • No phones in the space
  • No photos, or videos permitted to¬†ensure a safe environment
  • First names only
  • Stories will be shared by presenters,¬†attendees will not be asked to share their stories

Special Notes: 

  • Open to all women aged 18+
  • Teenage¬†girls are welcome, accompanied by a female guardian, separate¬†registration is required


What You'll Learn:

  • Skills for Life:¬†Going beyond confidence, into a peace of mind¬†
  • Social Awareness:¬†Spot 'red flags' in your proximity,¬†so¬†you can Feel Safe‚ĄĘ
  • Proactive Assertiveness: Learn to create mental and physical space from threats
  • Instinctive Self-Defense:¬†Master techniques that work regardless physique

Why Attend:

  • This is more than just a seminar ‚Äď it's a step towards a safer future for you¬†
  • You're not just¬†learning vital skills, you're also supporting a greater cause¬†
  • Your $20 registration fee is a donation to the domestic abuse non profit, aiding women in need


This 2-hour course changed the lens I look at life through.

I was in a domestic abuse situation back then and I was afraid to tell anyone.

Thankfully, I am free of it now!

- Christine -

That was Excellent!

I have no prior experience and, as a young mom, it feels great to know some easy tips and techniques that are applicable in a close combat situation.

This was a great investment for myself.

- Julia S -

The experience of this course has been One of a KIND!

I learned lessons that were both simple and practical.

I look forward to more opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills.

- Julie W -