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Our mission: to guide individuals to stand tall and Feel Safe


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Feel Safe Daily

Our online program is the definitive video series, encompassing psychological and physical training, that has never been previously been published for the public 

  • You'll increase confidence and self esteem without even realizing it
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Feel Safe Women's Only Self-Defense Program

Krav Maga Basics for Women: Learn in minutes, not months

Essential for Women everywhere. Ages 18+. 13+ accepted as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Ideal for individuals with no experience. Taught behind closed doors in San Diego.

2 hours of “grab & go.”

  •  Grab, choke, & strangle escapes.
  •  Stood up against a wall or pinned to the floor
  •  Pressure point techniques that work against any attacker, regardless of size.



Popular Course

Feel Safe Krav Maga

This is the exact full curriculum taught since the 1970s to all recruits in the Israel Defense Forces

(with legal adaptations for civilians )

  • Not civilian systems, the military never had a belt system
  • Taken directly from the 1970's IDF handbook
  • Taught by certified instructors with a linage to the Israel Defense Forces




Invest In Yourself


When one stands tall, the confidence becomes infectious. We all deserve to Feel Safe.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn.

Whether you’re learning with us face to face, or online, both are tailored to be easy to remember and practice.

The best time to Feel Safe was yesterday, the second is today.


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Our courses are specifically designed to help you learn quickly and efficiently 

Personal Safety

Take on your own personal safety and pave your own personal path

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Beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll find a course that's the right fit for you.

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Who We Are

With a lifetime of experience dealing in real life situations, as opposed to combat sports, we teach practicality, not theory.

We could talk about instructing SWAT teams, Special Forces, however these days, our entire focus is on Abuse Awareness and Prevention, be it at home, workplace, college, or any civilian environment.


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